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Swasmos believe in Care, Compassion, Convenience and Commitment.

Swasmos is a Preventive Care Company for the elderly. Staying miles away, it can be challenging for you to take care of your parents healthcare needs.

Our strong belief in innovation and preventive care has enabled us in entering into strategic partnerships with leading players in the healthcare industry. Our stringent norms ensure only the best of counsellors, hospitals, laboratories and research centres support us in providing quality care and support. Right from the scheduling stage, the package is exhaustive and covers every important aspect of care. Offering preventive care, monitoring and tracking tools with Doctor interpretation and a dedicated health assistant, we present ourselves as the cosmos of preventive health care. We bring all this to your fingertips with help of technology.

Our “care package” has been designed with a great eye for detail covering every step of basic health care and medical needs. Our primary objective being customer convenience and quality healthcare support.

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  • Date : January 10, 2017